Top 10 Most Popular British Fashion Designer Brands of All Time

Hello, dear ladies! What a lovely morning, it is! Welcome to the Fashion world. Like always an exciting morning article, I have today an informative article for you. As In the existing world, fashion designing is a part of our lives. It is indeed an important aspect that adds a refining image to our lifestyle. It plays a tremendous role in every country and era, making the world more charming. British fashion has been widely adopted by the world as it has something so unique to proffer the world’s best retailers and their customers. The British clothing and fashion industry is a dominant contributor to the world. Britain occupies a significant history in the fashion world, one its major pride. They produce best clothing thread, outfits, footwear and other fashion paraphernalia. To understand the British fashion market, it is necessary to go to the British retail market, clothing and fashion retailers. It is one of the most remarkable markets in the world with great fashions and designs.

Top Ten List of Most Popular & Best Selling British Fashion Designer Brands

Britain has durable and long lasting brands that always give rise to a great fashion world, attuning to the street culture and trends. Below I have highlighted some well-known brands, putting a much-needed focus on Britain’s fashions and footwear’s designers and brands. This will help in selecting best quality branded dresses and outfits for yourself and others.

John Smedley:

John Smedley is a top British brand. John Smedley is one of the best fashion designer brands, producing boutiques and clothes, selling them in department stores and classic retailers around the world. Their products are sold in 30 countries. People love their designs and fabrics and fashion schemes. They have won many awards as a result of their remarkable exports around the world.

John Smedley

John Smedley logo

Harris Tweed:

Harris Tweed is a famous brand for selling fine clothes. It was initiated by Margaret Howellis, one of the veterans of British fashion. She started her work in fashion designing in 1970 with men’s clothes expanding to women’s wear. She has created the very best fabrics and materials, such as Harris Tweed and John Smedley fine gauge knitwear. Her designs are sold worldwide, and the brand now runs shops in the UK and Japan. Harris Tweed is producing clothes, handwoven by islanders at their home in the Outer Hebrides of Scotland, coming from pure dyed virgin wool.


Harris Tweed

ASOS: is a British online fashion designing and beauty store site. It sells over 850 brands along with its range of clothing and accessories. ASOS has websites targeting the USA, UK, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Russia, Italy and China. It also ships products to over 237 other countries from its country.

asos stores


Lyle and Scott:

Lyle and Scott is a renowned Scottish knitwear label, well known for its excellent work. This brand is very famous; people love to wear their clothes.

Lyle and Scott logo

Lyle and Scott


This glorious brand is distributing outerwear, sunglasses, cosmetics, perfumes and other fashion accessories and paraphernalia, selling their products worldwide and earning a great fame.

Burberry brand


This is one of the British multinational fashion retailers of fabrics, shoes, cosmetics and necessities. It has an influential market in the world, having around 500 shops all around the world. 300 of the stores are settled in the UK, and others are in Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United States and Vietnam. Topshop does not only exist for years but is also stronger than ever.

Topshop logo


River Island:

River Island is a London-headquartered high street fashion brand, once known as Chelsea. It operates in some worldwide markets efficiently, earning a pronounced reputation for its work. Its major products are men’s, women’s and children’s clothing, footwear and other accessories.

River Island

River Island shops


Now, every youngster is crazy about their shoes. If you want to buy best British brand shoes, I recommend you a Cocorose brand, selling best and latest designs shoes of every type, open and closed. They are creating elegant and stylish Foldable Ballet pumps, Ballet flats and ballet shoes with artistic designs and art fabrics.


Cocorose london

Wolf and whistle:

What a qualitative brand, it is. Last year, I went to the trip and bought a dress from this brand. When I wore it to my party, every single were adoring my dress. I told them; it is Wolf & Whistle brand, one of the famous brand, producing stylish women’s wear including swim suits, biknis, beach dresses etc. It initiated its work in London and gradually spread its approach around the world. It was founded by Emma and Louise in 2014.

Wolf and whistle brand

Wolf and whistle

Jasper Conran:

This is a lovely brand, sales out gorgeously classic and artistic garments for men and women, as well as houseware, ornaments, fragrances and a more design work. This brand is producing fantastic and fanciful casual wear, which attaches great importance to it worldwide. The brand has received numerous awards for its aesthetic work.

Jasper Conran

Jasper Conran brand

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