Top 10 Popular American Fashion Designers & Brands

Dear ladies and gentlemen, life, is all about to cherish your every day with love and joy. New colors of life are spreading all over of the world, by the fashion world and its trend. Clothes, bags, jewelry, wool shawls, dress designing, glamorous style, and fancy dresses, all are making the world brighter and trendier. People trust brands, no matter what! We all want to wear good designs and clothes, no compromise on quality and design. So are you looking for best brands of America? Today we’re continuing to tell you about best brands of America that are most popular and fashionable in the World. Americans have always been very famous in fashion history. The way they dress up and carry styles are marvelously amazing and decent.

List of Top Ten Most Famous American Fashion Designers of all Time

By the richest country, Americans have launched amazing brands for all over the world, best in designs and quality. These brands have a remarkable history, and trends that follow by the whole world. Here are these brands, most famous, preferable, top rated and elegantly amazing and magical appearances. I have shortlisted them; here you can see them one by one:

Ralph Lauren:

The one of the best and preferred  American designer is Ralph Lauren. What a classic and amazing designer, people love his designs and fabric, as this brand is one of the most famous brands from top 10 brands of America. This glorious brand has started from 1968, initiated their collection from handicraft men’s designs, and then they moved to women’s wear. Now they produce a large collection of fabrics, men’s wear, women’s wear, and gorgeous dresses for children, baby clothes, home, ornaments and bedding sheets or sets, amazingly fabulous and charming collection. The way, in which they give the style to dresses, glamor, uniqueness, and trendy designs, all are making their collection best in the world.


Ralph Lauren

Tom Ford:

You all are very aware of this man, what a classic and multi-tasked designer at the same time. He is the best top designer in America, as well as he is a film director too. Tom has introduced Gucci in 2005 that is best men’s wear collection, watches and other accessories of man, classy and trendy collection. In 2005, he also announced that he is going to launch Film industry that goes very well and famous. As he puts so much effort in a movie “A Single Man”, on its dressing, styles and all classy wearing staff, hit in the world and got an award by Oscar.

Tom Ford Logo Tom Ford

Marc Jacobs:

Women love to wear ornaments with the classic and trendy look. Are you? Dear lady, Marc jobs called the best designer in making beautiful designs of ornaments and adornments. He magically gives a classy and shiny look in jewelry. Commonly, his ornaments are used by celebrities of America.

marc jacobs Marc Jacobs

Betsey Johnson:

Betsey Johnson is the feminine American designer, producing best clothes, fashionable designs, trendy looks and fabrics for women. She is promoting classy, funky and flirty dresses, giving the colorful and gorgeous look to your outfits. She is the very famous designer, and even beautiful, funny and friendly lady. She does catwalk at the end of a fashion show that’s a famous thing of her.

betsey johnson logo betsey johnson

Donna Karan:

Donna Karan is also called DK, promoting her business with a clothing label of DKNY. She is ranked in the list of top ten American fashion designers. She working for both men and women, making elegant and good wear designs for them. Her work has vastly spread out in the world, later on she started work on home collection accessories that are brilliantly amazing and mind blowing. Her collections, Ready-to-wear, Runway, elegant designs and all are becoming a trend of fashion. Enjoy her collection with amazing designs and good quality fabrics.

donna karan logo donna karan

Michael Kors:

What an intellectually amazing person, he is. I always find something amazing in his dressing collections, giving the elegant and classy look. He is the top rated American fashion designer, produces sportswear collection, handbags, watches, shoes and clothing stylish dresses.

michael kors logo Michael Kors

Oscar de la Renta:

Oscar de la Renta is an American designer, an award-winning designer and top listed. What an amazing mind of designs and art, creating feminine and romantic designs for women wear since the 1960s. He is not only working on clothes and fabrics but also on designing accessories like royal dresses, ornamented dresses, and embroidered fabrics. It is elegance and unapologetic glamor of his collection, amazingly surprise and fantastic.

Oscar de la Renta logo Oscar de la Renta

Vera Wang:

Vera Wang is an American Bridal Designer. Bridals love her as she is the best designer of America in making gorgeous and charming bridal dresses. She opened her bridal collection in 1990 with amazing boutique designs and presented her designs to a red carpet in 1993. Do you know, all American brides mostly wear her dresses on their special day.

Vera Wang logo

Vera Wang

Carolina Herrera:

What an amazing American designer, she is. I love her designs and other accessories. She is best in enhancing her business, dresses and clothes, fragments and perfumes, well all are by her is suspicious and amazing. She has amazingly and wildly started her fashion industry in 1996. She is the holder of lifetime achievement award, as young and trendy designs she shares with everyone.

Carolina Herrera logo Carolina Herrera

Tory Burch:

She is one of the most popular American Fashion Artist. A woman with power, modesty, strength and ambitions is the Tory Burch, a 73rd powerful woman of the world. She is a surprising woman, a designer, and a business woman, who is doing multiple things at the same time. This famous lady of America produces royal and fancy dresses that are loved by all Americans.

Tory Burch logo Tory Burch

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