Top 10 Best Female Celebrity Tattoos 2019 Trends for Inspiration

One thing which is hard to imagine is a female Hollywood celebrity not having any amazingly designed tattoo on her body. Yeah! That’s right it’s is the new fashion of the industry and now became the latest trend for celebrities to style their personality with some artistic tattoo. From famous actresses to gorgeous models and talented singers or Pop stars, all are seen carrying elegant, colorful and appealing tattoo designs. Such tattoos hold some special significance as they represent the unique features of their personality. Some prefer to have floral patterns; few gets the butterfly designs while others go for any special quote or names associated with their lives.Following ten female celebrities are perfect examples to depict the beauty of decent tattoos complementing an impressively alluring personality. Their tattoos have somehow become their identity and inspire their fans around the world. Let’s dig in deep to find out who are those super awesome Hollywood Divas for super cool female celebrity tattoos.

Top 10 Best & Popular Female Celebrity Tattoos 2018-2019 Trends you will Love

Following ten female celebrities are perfect examples to depict the beauty of decent tattoos complementing an impressively alluring personality. Their tattoos have somehow become their identity and inspire their fans worldwide. Let’s deeply find out who are those super awesome Hollywood Divas carrying the super cool tattoo designs.

1. Angelina Jolie:

The queen of the industry, Angelina Jolie, the beauty icon of the world, never stood behind when it comes to style and trend. She is topping the list of top ten most inspirational female celebrity tattoos. She defines style with her individuality and is admired for the same reasons. The charms and grace of her personality were amplified when she got herself a creatively designed tattoo. A bold prominent tattoo can be seen on her lower back. Another tattoo she had designed on her arm after the birth of her child.


2. Lindsay Lohan:

Lindsay Lohan, one famous actress who always remains in the headlines for some reasons, also has few of the coolest tattoo designs in the industry. The tattoo on her right side carry a star designed in black with few lines of the lyrics of the song “I Go To Extremes, sha” and the lines say “Clear as crystshe, rp as the knife, I feel like I am in the prime of my life.” In January 2012 she had another tattoo on her hand saying “Life Without Regrets” as she was going through the best days of her life and career.


3. Nicole Richie:

Nicole Richie is a hot inspiration of female celebrity tattoos for women all around. She has her beautiful name nicely designed on the back of her spine with a little cute red bow over it; the name says, Richie. Other than that she also carries the rosary tattoo design on her ankle which looks equally stunning as her gorgeous personality. The most prominent of all is the pair of little wings designed on her back carrying different colors.


4. Penelope Cruz:

Cruz is on the hot list of top ten most inspirational female celebrity tattoos. “883” has now become the identity and individuality of Penelope Cruz. It is crafted on her ankle in an elegant manner. This number has made millions of her fans quite curious to know if any meaning or significance attached to this number but according to Cruz this number has apparently nothing to do with any area code, phone number or any lucky number. One of the leading numerologists Christine Delorey, however, revealed that this figure is associated with numerology and number 8 depicts the power and wealth whereas the second 8 strengthens the first one and number 3 stands for creativity and good communication skills.


5. Cheryl Cole Tattoos:

It seems like Cheryl is dipped into ink with her numerous colorful tattoo spread over her body. The tattoo on her lower back is full of rose flowers in red. It starts from her lower back and then goes down. It took almost 15 hours to craft that amazing design over her. Cole was of the view that she loved the design and it was worth the pain.


6. Jessica Alba:

The gorgeous Jessica Alba is also among the top ten celebrities having one of the most amazing tattoos. On her left arm, there is a prominent collage of rose which is neatly crafted and created on the side of her arm. The rose complements her personality in a decent way. Another tattoo is being crafted just below her right palm.


7. Emma Watson Tattoos:

Emma Watson is in the list of 10 most popular female celebrity tattoos inspiration. The youngest sensation of the film industry, Emma Watson has been mesmerizing her audience not just through her fine acting skills but also through her subtle, charismatic and decent personality. The tattoo she has is designed on the side of her arm with various colors filled inside it. This star is seen with many tattoo designs which happen to be temporary, only designed to complement her looks in the movies according to her character.


8. Victoria Beckham Neckline Tattoos:

Like David Beckham himself who is adorned with many tattoos on his body, his wife Victoria Beckham is also inspired by this body art, in fact, a great fan of it. This is the reason she had herself cool tattoo designs just above her neckline. The line written on the back of her spine says Ani l’dodi li va’ani lo haro’eh bash ophanim, all drafted in Hebrew meaning I am my beloveds and my beloved is mine.


9. Rihanna Star Tattoo:

Rihana is also very famous for female celebrity tattoos. trends. The Pop star with the most amazing voice and vocals, Rihanna loves to have tattoo every once in a while. She carries some a symbol at various parts of her body. Some of the most noticeable tattoos are star tattoo on the right side of her back, henna style tattoo on the back of her hand, the Goddess Isis tattoo on her chest and the shark o her ankle.


10. Lady Gaga Tattoos:

As colorful as her personality is, Lady Gaga’s tattoo are equally colorful and full of beauty. There is a tattoo on her lower back. It has floral rose designs created with beautiful details and an in intricate manner. Daisy flowers are also there, set up on the back of her shoulder.


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