6 Tips to Make Basement Waterproof with the Help of Experts

The basement waterproofing services are hired by the homeowners when they find that their homes have leakages. To resolve these leaks, they require suggestions and tips on how to make the basement waterproof. There are different causes of basement leaks; some are due to drainage problems. While others are due to improper waterproofing procedures or inadequate materials used in the installation. The homeowners are required to hire a professional to fix these leaks.

1.   Install Proper Waterproofing System:

To avoid future problems with the waterproofing services, it is necessary to have a properly installed basement waterproofing system. This system should be installed correctly. To have an effective waterproofing system, you need to hire a professional waterproofing services company. When you hire experts, they will make sure that the waterproofing works are carried out properly and there are no mistakes made.

2.   Call Experts:

Basement waterproofing services in Des Moines can be utilized for various purposes. If your basement leaks, then you should call in experts right away. They will locate the exact source of the leak and will propose solutions that will ensure that water does not enter the basement.

3.   Prevent Future Damage:

Another purpose of hiring basement waterproofing services is to prevent further damage to the walls and structures. This can be accomplished through effective repair and patching procedures. It is possible to identify the cause of the leak and provide the correct solutions. If the foundation is damaged, then the services of a professional waterproofing services company are required.

4.   Concrete Water Proofer or Drywall Glue:

As mentioned above, there are different types of waterproofing methods available. Some methods are more suitable for basement waterproofing than others. One of the most common methods is to use a concrete waterproofer or drywall glue. To use this type of method, it is important to determine the size of the area that needs waterproofing. Then, a layer of waterproofing compound is applied to the wall surface using tools or a spray bottle.

5.   Rubberized Membrane:

For basements that do not have a big area, a simple solution can be applied. There is also a more popular method used by many people when it comes to waterproofing services in the basement. The solution uses a rubberized membrane that is applied to the interior of the space. After the application of the waterproofing agent, a special pump will be used to push water away. The advantage of this waterproofing method is that it can fit into most corners.

6.   Offer a Wide Range of Products:

Most basement waterproofing services today offer a wide variety of products that can solve various waterproofing problems. Some waterproofing products are available on the market today. Waterproofing products can either be applied through a membrane. When applied with a membrane, you can expect to save money since applying waterproofing compounds is less expensive than purchasing spray-on waterproofing agents.

In addition, with spray-on waterproofing solutions, homeowners can avoid having to wait for the areas to dry after application. Furthermore, it allows homeowners to treat small areas while saving time and effort.


Finally, you must work with a waterproofing services provider that can customize a waterproofing solution to meet your basement’s waterproofing needs. This means that waterproofing services companies that do not offer customizable solutions are not as trustworthy as those that can.

If a waterproofing services provider cannot customize a solution to fit your basement, you may wind up with Basement waterproofing services that could create water problems worse than the ones you started with. Also, do not hire a waterproofing services provider that advises you to install extra waterproofing layers in your basement. This advice is unreliable and could end up wasting time and money on basement waterproofing services that won’t benefit you at all.

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