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Top 10 Best Fall Winter Nail Colors 2019-2020 Ideas & Trends

Today weather is pleasant, as we all know winters are coming. We are looking forward to the coming fashion of winters. This winter light color dress with dark combination is going to be very famous and trendy. I wish you, everyone, a very good and happy winter! There are innumerable nail paints that are normally introduced each year by pros to demonstrate to you accepted methods to frame your nails and how to pick the right nail colors that suit your hands and the events that you go to. Today we will share the ten best fall winter nail colors. Each New Year comes to us with new patterns that help us to revive our lives and recharge what we as of now utilize or wear.

Top 10 Best Fall Winter Nail Colors 2019-2020 Ideas & Trends

Let’s discuss the Ten Best Fall Winter Nail Colors 2019-20 Trends, as blood red color and nude colors has always been very famous in winters. These dark colors with wool sweaters look nice and the light nail colors such as nude, light brown look good with dark clothes of winter. Before discussing the colors of nail polishes, I would like to suggest you some nail color brands that are very reliable and best ones. These are Red Carpet, RGB, nails inc. , O.P.I Nails Lacquer, Essie, Madora, Chanel, Tom Ford, JINsoon, Essie, Marc Jacobs, Sally Hansen and many others.


What the hottest nail color, it is. Red velvet and bloody colors will be very trendy in these winters. It will look so sexy with wool stuff clothes. You can choose many red shades of nail colors. I would like to recommend you some brands of awesome shades of red velvet colors. These are Esse, Le Vernis 475 DRAGON Chanel, LED gel polish, sinful colors, Loreal red colors, all are very famous and have the good collection of colors.

Top 10 Best Nail Colors for Winter Fall Season 2015-2016 (17)

Glittery nails:

Glittery nail polishes will also be trendy in these winters, especially on weddings, dates and parties. You simply have to apply you matching nail color the give a final coat of glitter nail color on the top. Wow, such an attracting look! The good brands for glitter nail colors are Essie, GEMI crush, and G’Sang.

Top 10 Best Nail Colors for Winter Fall Season 2015-2016 (28)

Midnight blue:

The shades of blue always look great in everything, as in your dressing and all other accessories. In this winter, blue will be trendiest as it gives a bright look to your hands. Here is some nail color you can buy easily, Essie, G’Sang, BB and Madora. They produce best blue shades that any girl asks.

Midnight blue


I always like light shades in Winters, as they look decent and cute. In this Winter 2019-20, the nude color is more valuable than any other color. It adds fairness and clearance in your hands. The best nail colors of nude shade are, O.P.I Nails Lacquer, Essie, Madora, Chanel, Tom Ford, JINsoon, and Essie. G’Sang nude color is very famous I would recommend using this brand colors. They are fantastic.

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It is one of the hottest colors, as it look great. Grey shades, dark and light both will be trendy in these winters days. You can also do some nail art with this gray color, and you can add nail accessories with the gray nail, it looks really hot and nice.



Pale colors give the soft look to your hand as in winters you always want to have a soft look of your makeup, hairstyle, and everything. Do you know? The soft look of nail polishes also matters, so choose the pale color for soft hands. The best nail colors of Pale shade are, O.P.I Nails Lacquer, Essie, Madora, Chanel, Tom Ford, JINsoon, and Essie.

pale nails

Dark Purple:

The purple color is my favorite color; it’s not only mine. Here are hundreds of girls here, who love purple. I always buy a purple shrugs, sweater and tops in winter, as they give the fantastic look to your personality. So my applying purple nail color, the dressing and fashion sense seems complete. In these Winter days, Purple color will be famous for clothes, so that’s why I’m suggesting you good purple shades, Butter, Essie, O.P.I Nails Lacquer.

Dark Purple

Metallic colors:

These metallic shading colors the vast majority of the most up to date style slants that are displayed for the winter 2016-2107. It can be found in garments, embellishments and even nail shines for more extravagance and to include a rich and splendid touch to your hands. You can likewise utilize the brilliant shade for making diverse examples and prints and for getting French nail trim that makes your hands eye-catching and attracting.

Metallic colors

Dark green:

Fall, for the most part, brings dark shades of nail shading, the particularly profound dark green color will be trendy in these winters.

The classy tints come in lighter emeralds, darker timberland greens and even in shimmery enamels, all of which offer a pop of occasional shading to your digits. Darker nail hues connote the colder months, and we’re cherishing this extreme change from the splendid pastels of summer.

dark green

Black Carbon Shades:

Dark nail shine is a challenging yet shockingly simple style. It can run with whatever you’re wearing whether it be Lactose, or something hip you made yourself. In these winter season, the carbon black shades will be available that you can wear with any dressing. It hot color.


Best Fall Winter Nail Colors

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