Hottest Fashion Trends: The Brands and Styles You MUST Have Now! 

Feel a rush of excitement as you update your wardrobe with this year’s must-have fashion trends! Let our top experts tell you what to look in women’s fashion online shopping in 2019. From a retro revolution to bold jewel tone colors – this year proves to be another year of dramatic flair and artistry.

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Retro is Back, Again! 

Embrace mid-20th century fashion design with this year’s throwback to feminine business ware and color combinations. From a return to the adorable A-line dress to flared patterned pants, 2019 celebrates the iconic timeless trends of the 1950s and 1970s. Skip the angular business trends of the 1980s though. This year fashion is all about timeless beauty.

What to add to your wardrobe to get this classic look?


  • Retro A-line shift dresses
  • Checkered patterns in paints and suits
  • Safari suit combos from Manning Cartell
  • Trench coats in neutral and soft pastel tones
  • Dresses in bold colors
  • Feminine heels and flats
  • Collared shirts with wide lapels
  • Leopard Print skirts and suits
  • Mini hemline skirts
  • Bold bracelets
  • Jeweled glasses
  • Retro boots
  • Suits with large buttons
  • Simple pearl earrings
  • Flats and heels in neutral tones, feminine pastels, or white


Find these retro current fashion trends at Australia online retailers and stores for a classy high fashion look. Wear this style at the dance club, the office, or just for the everyday. Whether you are a business professional, a creative artist, or a busy parent, there is a retro look perfect for you. Buy a business suit or two and don a new Rachel Gilbert dress. It’s time to relive 20th century fabulousness.


Be Bold

This year accentuate the dramatic with bold colors and statement silhouettes. Leave minimalist neutrals behind and buy new electric block bold colors like jewel toned greens and bright cherry red. Abandon neutral tones for bright purples, blues, and green. Or adopt natural colors like terracotta, red clay, and desert sand. Toss your austere navy and black clothing for a new and more natural you!


Find exciting Viktoria and Woods inspired eclectic pieces that explore extreme volume and shape with extravagant puffy sleeves, bright checkered suits with exaggerated cuffs and sleeves, and asymmetrical clothing combinations topped with retro boxy flats. Supersized proportions and taffeta add to the look.

Embellish your clothing with extreme feathers, embroidery, and beading. Glitter and glam combined with the unique silhouettes make a fashion statement like no other. Beading, gold trim, opulent patterns, and fur all add to this unique style. Add in cheetah prints, snakeskin, or sequins. Clashing animal prints add to your bold fashion statement. Embrace couture grandeur and beauty. Top with faux alligator skin shoes a sequined cap. Extravagance knows no bounds with this new exploration of theatrical drama.


Be bold out on the town or even in the office. Fine ways to incorporate everyday couture into your lifestyle. Look for fun accessories like glittering glasses, opulent bracelets, and Ugg boots. Reinvigorate your wardrobe with these exciting new pieces!

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